Our Journey

Established in 2004, LifeCell International Private Limited is a biotech company and one of the leading providers of preventive healthcare services for family wellness in India. The company started its service as a private stem cell bank in 2004 in technological collaboration with CryoCell Inc. (the world’s first private stem cell bank with over 27 years of experience).

Headquartered in Chennai, the company provides comprehensive healthcare solutions through three different divisions that include umbilical cord stem cell banking (BioBank), pre/postnatal screening & testing services (Diagnostics) and placental tissue derived therapeutic products (Biologics).

LifeCell BioBank is India’s first & largest stem cell bank that enjoys the trust of over 3,00,000+ parents who have banked their children’s stem cells with us. It has a network spread over 200+ service centres in the country & footprints in GCC countries.

LifeCell is the most accredited stem cell bank with certifications from national and international organizations for standards.With its novel initiative of Community Stem cell banking, it is the only industry player providing state-of-the-art Dual Storage facilities for storing stem cell units in India at Chennai and Gurugram.